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the leading service provider in performance web hosting.

A powerful site - but designed without the end user in mind?
Our services are solutions. Whether you are an emerging small to mid-sized company, or an association looking to transform the way you conduct activities,
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Reliability, speed and security are key
We firmly believe that when it comes to supporting your business, reliability, speed and security are key. Server downtime could cost your business time, productivity and money
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Today, online commerce is not about technology, it is about business. Online commerce solutions, handled by skilled professionals and an established methodology, can be successful. Clients of 3WDirect expect us to manage their outlook, set priorities, and develop consensus among all involved people. They require quick, standard prototyping that gives vital reaction right through the development process. Our clients want efficient project management, detailed communication and adherence to the plan.

3WDirect has quickly grown to become the leading service provider in Performance Web Hosting. As one of the most established Web hosting companies in the India, 3WDirect offers affordable, quality Web hosting solutions to nearly 10,000 customers worldwide. Along with our feature-rich hosting packages, 3WDirect's dedication to customer service and technical support has cemented their status as a major player in the Web hosting industry.

Since its formation, 3WDirect has focused on making Web hosting accessible by everyone, regardless of technical knowledge and has taken the lead in this area with their Web Hosting Made Easy philosophy. From its beginnings in 1999 as an Indian company specializing in systems integration and software, 3WDirect has evolved into a world-class provider of Internet services, including storage, hosting, products, application development, strategic thinking and the unique ability to provide both solutions and integrated delivery systems.

And 3WDirect continues to explore ways to ensure the success of their customer's Internet operations. A full range of website development services from strategy through implementation, and the latest in tools, techniques and creativity is available through the 3WDirect Interactive group.

3WDirect also developed range of web based products for Website Building, E-commerce, Project Management, Corporate Messaging etc. Moreover, 3WDirect ventured into community service portals like,,, and list grows on.

Dreams into realities

3WDirect's comprehensive array of online services varies from consultations by the hour to entirely custom-made online business solutions. 3WDirect's professionals collaborate with clients to identify and classify their business needs. Our web developers and Quality Assurance specialists uphold architectural reliability and hold on to functional stipulations. Finally, 3WDirect's industry certified Project Managers successfully manage time and budget constraints.

3WDirect is distinctively trained to convert your online commerce dream into reality. We provide services to enable clients identify, define and realise their business objectives through web-enabled solutions. We deliver online commerce solutions tailored for the unique requirement of each individual client.

Developing internet solutions since 1999, 3WDirect is no stranger to the web world and we have created many web solutions. We have developed comprehensive techniques to meet the common needs of organisations in an efficient, affordable package. However, we can always adapt them or tailor completely unique functionality to suit your organisation.

Areas of Expertise and experience

We have state-of-the-art skills and technologies and are not influenced by whims or by tradition, only by proof. 3WDirect has the latest online tools to build your solution faster as well as perform reliably and efficiently. Many of our developers have over a decade of development experience and have worked with 3WDirect for years. We believe in small teams of professionals as the most effective way to rapidly develop high quality solutions. Your project manager will ensure smooth flow of communications; everyone's focus on the goals and also overcome blocks and slow-downs.

3WDirect has a team of talented designers and programmers trained in the latest technologies for internet design. We have the wherewithal to take on any project, small or large. Many companies build websites, but few can implement the vast realm of technology that we use daily. Graphics, Banner Design, Logo Design, Animation, Original Art, Photos, Streaming Video, Flash, Java, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, AJAX, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CGI, PHP, C++, COM, - not sure what these terms mean? That is alright. We do.

We use the latest in database interfacing to put your information on the web. ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, AJAX, Access, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, TSQL, COM, COM+, MTS, we know how to make them work for you.

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