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A powerful site - but designed without the end user in mind?
Our services are solutions. Whether you are an emerging small to mid-sized company, or an association looking to transform the way you conduct activities,
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Today, online commerce is not about technology, it is about business
Online commerce solutions, handled by skilled professionals and an established methodology, can be successful.
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Dedicated Hosting

We firmly believe that when it comes to supporting your business, reliability, speed and security are key. Server downtime could cost your business time, productivity and money. At 3WDirect, our dedicated servers offer you a powerful, fast and failsafe environment for all your website, e-commerce and corporate needs.

Our product range is designed to suit all business needs and budgets, and gives you the flexibility to select the specification and operating system that will deliver the best service for your business

Fully-Managed Dedicated Hosting Service

Our Fully-Managed Dedicated Hosting Service is specifically designed for our customers who prefer 3WDirect 's highly trained System Administrators to maintain and monitor their dedicated servers, operating system and all supported applications. This type of service is best for companies who do not have extensive System Administration resources on-staff. This service enables customers to best focus on managing and maintaining the content of their Web application without worrying about loading software or managing upgrades.

Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting Service

Our Self-Managed Dedicated Hosting service is best suited for our customers who have extensive System Administration expertise to self-maintain and self-manage their dedicated servers. This option provides customers with full administrative/root access to their server allowing them to customize configurations and install 3rd party or proprietary applications. Self-Managed is suited for the customer requiring administrative control of their server(s) to install and manage specialized or custom applications.

Shared Hosting

Now you need a fast, secure, affordable hosting plan and dependable hosting server and internet connection to serve your pages 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Solution is 3WDirect - Shared Hosting Plan. Highly trained and knowledgeable team starts with state of the art servers, installs and configures all the latest software, secures the shared web server and your space, connects the machine to our ultra fast redundant network, monitors, and maintains that server for life - all part of our 3wdirect- Shared Hosting Plan. We will continuously upgrade the network, software, and hardware to make sure your site is delivered fast each and every second of everyday.

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